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Social Lync: Revolutionizing Online Presence for Golf Car Dealerships

In 2008, while immersed in a project for a golf car manufacturer, an idea began to take shape. It became clear that dealer websites were lacking searchable inventory, and a deeper exploration of social media channels revealed a stagnant golf car industry. It was apparent that they were falling behind the fast-paced Auto and Powersports industries.

A few years later this idea was put into action. The outcome was extraordinary—an updated website that attracted visitors and generated countless new leads. Customers were able to inquire about their desired golf car without even leaving their homes. As a result, our social media presence and engagement flourished. This directly translated into increased unit sales, as our customers could witness that we not only had the car they desired, but also provided the exceptional customer service they expected.

Taking it a step further we introduced a lead generation system that has garnered over 10,000+ leads over the last 2.5 years and implemented this for a new up and coming golf car manufacturer.

Let Social Lync be a game-changing solution for boosting your dealerships online presence and driving sales!



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